Kolin, Ellen and Rumple on Rumple's First Birthday (September 19th, 2009) at City of Rocks, Idaho.



Welcome to Kolin & Ellen’s website. ┬áThis is a place where we basically log all of our adventures, more for us to be able to go back and look what’s been happening than for any other reason, however, it appears that some of our friends and family really enjoy it too – so I do my best to keep it up to date.

Ellen and I are originally from Canada and relocated to Salt Lake City in September of 1999, after our one-year honeymoon rock climbing road trip across the United States – and we’ve never looked back. After the loss of our two wonderful labs, Ellis and Yukon, we eventually took the plunge and now are more than happy to share our adventures with Rumple, our incredible English “fox-red” lab that was born on our tenth wedding anniversary, September 19th, 2008.

Every free moment while we’re not working as engineers, we spend in the hills – climbing, mountaineering, hiking (for climbing), and skiing.